Centro de Documentação de Juventude

Youth Documentation Centre

The Youth Documentation Centre (CDJ), is established in the Loja Ponto JA information point, in Lisbon Youth Centre, and it comprises an archive of about 3500 available youth related publications:

• Monographs;
• Periodic publications;
• Publications by: Council of Europe, FAOJ, IJ, IPJ, IPDJ, United Nations, OIJ, European Commission, Instituto de Ciências Sociais, Observatório Permanente da Juventude and others.

Subject areas:

• Council of Europe and European Commission (Official publications);
• Social Sciences (Sociology, Anthropology, Migrations, Employment, etc);
• General Culture (Literature, History, Geography);
• Sports;
• Human Rights;
• Education (Formal and Non Formal);
• Youth Policies (Studies, recommendations);
• Health (Sexuality, Addiction, Healthy Lifestyles, Mental Health, Nutrition).

Every publication includes, in its label, the coloradd symbol which corresponds to the colour associated with the theme

From its archive, about 500 pieces area available online, at Biblionet - Biblioteca do Museu Nacional do Desporto (BND).


Biblionet allows:

• To consult the archive and obtain information about the publications and the location of documents within the library. The consultation of the archive is freely accessible;
• If you are a registered user, you can access the document reservation and renovation services;
• To access some of the funcionalities of this online servisse, you mjst be registered. Depending on the admission conditions you may have access to services such as: renovations, reservations, etc.

Target public:

• National and foreign researchers;
• University students from courses related to the Youth field, or other scientific areas (History, Sociology, Anthropology, etc);
• University teachers from courses related to the Youth field or other scientific areas;
• Trainers and other practitioners within the field of non formal education;
• Youth leaders and youth workers;
• Students and teachers from elementary schools and secondary schools;
• IPDJ workers;
• General public.

Rua de Moscavide, 4.71.01

Parque das Nações

1998-011 Lisboa

Updated: 08/04/2022


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