null Recomendação CM/Rec(2019)4 «Apoio a jovens refugiados(as) na transição para a vida adulta»

Recommendation CM/Rec(2019)4 "Supporting young refugees in their transition to adulthood"

Council of Europe Recommendation CM/Rec(2019)4 translated to Portuguese by the CJL


On 19th December 2019, another Council of Europe (CoE) recommendation was translated to Portuguese by CJL, the fourth made by this Centre since 2017.

This is CoE Recommendation CM/Rec(2019)4 on "Supporting young refugees in their transition to adulthood", a tool, now in Portuguese, with CoE measures for Member States, government institutions and organisations working with and for young people to support young refugees in their transition to adulthood.

The session was attended by the Directive Council of IPDJ, the director of the Information, Communication and International Relations Department of IPDJ and member of the Council of Europe's CDEJ, Jorge Orlando Queirós, local councillors, youth organisations, CJL partner entities and participants of the training action "Human Rights", which was based on this recommendation.

The printed version of this recommendation is available for consultation at the Youth Documentation Centre, in the CJL's Loja Ponto JA.

Digital version available here!





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