null Policy School for Global Citizenship at the Lisbon Youth Centre

Policy School for Global Citizenship at the Lisbon Youth Centre

Reflection and dialogue on issues related to the Sustainable Development Goals and Human Rights.


On 20 and 21 May, the Lisbon Youth Centre of IPDJ hosted the initiative "School of Politics for Global Citizenship", which aimed to mobilize youth through reflection and dialogue for contemporary global issues such as gender equality, climate change, migration and political participation through digital, having as a horizon of action the social transformation.

This was an event organized by AIDGLOBAL under the project "Youth in Politics - Participate for Global Citizenship (2nd Ed.)" with the collaboration of this Center, consisting of four panels, spread over two days, and interspersed with group dynamics, which included the participation of several speakers, including researchers, university professors, young activists and entrepreneurs and representatives of institutions that have done remarkable work in favor of the Sustainable Development Goals - SDGs. Consult the panel of speakers here.

The opening session was attended by the Minister of State and Parliamentary Affairs, Ana Catarina Mendes, the President of the Portuguese Institute for Sport and Youth, I.P., Vítor Pataco, the President of the National Youth Council, Rui Oliveira, the Rector of ISCTE, Maria de Lurdes Rodrigues, the President of the Board of Aidglobal, Susana Damasceno, and the Regional Director of Lisbon and Tagus Valley and Lisbon Youth Centre, Eduarda Marques.










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Updated in: 16/06/2023


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