null CoE Youth Strategy 2030

CoE Youth Strategy 2030

Council of Europe's new youth strategy in Portuguese.


The Lisbon Youth Centre (CJL), from the Portuguese Institute for Sport and Youth, I.P., translated into Portuguese the Council of Europe (CoE) Strategy 2030 for Youth.

It is the Resolution CM/Res(2020)2 on the 2030 Strategy for CoE's youth sector, adopted by the Committee of Ministers on 22nd January 2020, at the 1365th meeting of the Ministers' Representatives, with the objective that young people across Europe can support, defend, promote and benefit from the CoE core values - human rights, democracy and the rule of law -, reinforcing the access of youth to their rights. Furthermore, it also aims to deepen knowledge on youth, so that the democratic involvement of young people is supported by communities of action that produce knowledge and expertise, as well as to broaden the participation of young people in a meaningful way in the decision-making process.

This is another CoE document translated into Portuguese, which is configured as a support and empowerment tool for youth organisations and other relevant actors in Portuguese society to provide human rights education and promote young people's access to their rights.

Check and download here the Portuguese version of CoE's Strategy 2030 for Youth. The original version (in English and French) is available on the CoE website.





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Updated in: 21/06/2023


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